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Should You Join a Tennis Club?

There are many pros and cons for any active tennis player to join a local tennis club. For some, the serious minded player, joining a club can increase the amount of high caliber tennis you play because the top level players can and do play at tennis clubs. Thus, if you are more serious about tennis and perhaps want to someday compete at a professional level or even teach tennis, this could be the right move to make. However, if you are not ready to commit to such a high level of play or consistency, joining may be the wrong choice. Also, clubs are not without cost so make sure you join for the right reasons. If you can not afford to pay the dues, no problem; tennis can be a rewarding sport without a tennis club.

clubBeing good at something takes sacrifice. Tennis is no different than any other sport. If you are serious about it, having people around you of like mind is key to staying the path to a prosperous career as a tennis professional or even if you play hard and want steady competition at the same level. You can also learn a lot by playing elite players and after enough time decide what is best for you and your game. Tennis clubs will stimulate this drive in you if you have it.

If you play often enough, taking advantage of the nice environment a tennis club can offer has its own rewards. Think about the conditions at a normal, anyone can play at tennis court, somewhere near or in the local park. Often times the conditions are less than satisfactory. There can be trash, poor court upkeep like tarnished or broken concrete and this can affect your game tremendously. Not only that, but at busy times, good luck getting a court when you want it. You have to wait in line if someone gets there before you because public courts are first come, first served.

Not so at tennis clubs. They allow you to book an appointment and set the time that is right for you and not only that, they have a great deal more courts from which to choose. You might have your favorite and more often than not you get to keep using the same space. Hate having the sun in your eye at the scrubby public court? Book the court that is facing the other direction at the tennis club and you will no longer have that problem to deal with. Be warned, once you have this connection, this stellar affectation on which you rely, it is very difficult to make the transition back to regular tennis play at a neighborhood court where the upkeep is shady at times.

Tennis clubs also have access to better equipment, including racket that you can check out or even the latest technology that can help improve your game. Lack a partner or coach? No problem, tennis clubs provide the best pitching machines that money can buy and believe it, your money is being well spent if you are serious about tennis.

The club will put you in the right position to be the best player you can possibly be and once you are in, you will have the time of your life playing tennis. The sport will never be the same for you. Everyone involved is there for one reason and that reason is to provide you with all you need to improve your game.

Remember, you do not have to have a tennis club to have a good game of tennis. Many times the person you play with is just as important, if not more so. So if you pick a good partner, whether it be a tennis coach or friend or even competitor, you can play on the best surface you can and have at it.

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