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Tennis and the Nintendo Wii

Video games have really become something amazing.  With technology the way it is in 2013, there is no telling how advanced things will become in the future.  It is already far beyond what many of us could have imagined from our childhoods.  For anyone that grew up in the 70’s or 80’s and played Pong, looking at the vast array of incredible platforms available for anyone to pick, it boggles the mind.

tennis-duo-pack-nintendo-wiiFor real, look at the depth of graphics technology and realistic the games are.  First person shooters feel like you are actually there in the game firing a weapon!  It’s frightening how realistic and incredibly rich and varied the various games that are coming out these days.  Plus, the systems themselves are so high tech they surpass many personal computers, which was never the case before.  Consoles were never better than what you could have on your PC or Mac.  Now, with HD TVs and streaming technology, people are switching to their big screens for entertaining needs.

Another big innovation is the interactive capability of some consoles.  The Nintendo Wii has blown people away with the physicality of its network.  With the Wii’s joystick, especially when it comes to its sports themed games, now people can get involved with video games like never before.  It’s straight out of a sci-fi blockbuster!  With futuristic technology, the Nintendo Wii gives us options and fun like never before.

The Nintendo Wii has changed the way we think of interactive video games.  Sells have been stratospheric since the very first release in Japan.  Stateside, people can’t get enough of the Wii, going so far as to use it as an exercise tool.  I’m serious.  People sue the Wii and work out all the time.  There are track and field games and people use the Wii to run and jump and do all kinds of things they can’t do with any other console system.

People are also using it to hone up their particular sport as practice when it isn’t convenient to practice the conventional way and time is tight.  The Wii has a golf games, a few of them in fact, and there are tons of players who utilize this technology to practice their swings.  It does not have the same weight and feel of actual club, not quite, but it can still help to improve anyone’s game.

The same is even truer when it comes to tennis on Wii.  Very similar to first person shooters that have realistic guns to use to shoot zombies, the Nintendo Wii has realistic tennis rackets that one can use to play the Wii tennis games, of which there are many.  The rackets are very nice looking instruments.  They are made of a high quality plastic, depending on the brand you purchase, but believe it or not, they have the weight and feel of a real tennis racket and can actually help to improve your swing.

Any practice is good practice.  Raining out?  No problem.  Turn on your Wii and get swinging?  Partner cancel on you?  Big deal.  Grab your racket and get going on the Wii’s exciting group of tennis games.  Court closed for repairs?  Again, not a problem because using the Wii racket and swinging away in the comfort of your own home allows you to stay sharp at all times.

There is now no excuse not to play tennis when you have such a convenient thing like the Wii.  Plus, we all get bored sometimes and a lot of these games are different, like Mario Tennis, and this fun, cartoonish game can inject some much needed variety into the game for you.  Ever wonder what it might be like to play at some of the sport’s most revered venues?  There is a game, Grand Slam Tennis, where the digital world of the top venues are right in front of you to enjoy.

Get swinging today!

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