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The Best Ball Service Machines

For the serious tennis player that has the means to own the ultimate training tool, we’ll discuss here the best service machines available on the market today. We shall examine the uses, the features of a normal machine and how much one can spend on such things. They range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand depending on the power and ball capacity size. Many machines on the market are of very good quality, as this is a very niche market, but the total cost desired relies on the individual’s needs.

Lobster Sports producing a huge variety of tennis ball machines. This company looms large in the area of this particular business. This technology has been a great boon for both individuals that own their own court and tennis clubs around the world. Put your feet down on a tennis court somewhere where they have tennis ball machines and odds are you will see one made by Lobster Sports.ball

This company produces a wide variety of different machines. The Elite Freedom, a smaller version, can hold up to 150 balls and is very light and portable. It is only 35 pounds in weight and with the top handle, easy to pull around when needed. It also comes with a battery that will last 2-4 hours. This is a good machine for both beginners and advanced players alike because it is able to shot balls and sweep them from corner to corner on the court it is shooting at. The horizontal speed is random and rates at 10-70 miles per hour and comes with a two year warranty. It has a basic battery charger and optional portable amp charger for ease of use.

This model runs around 800 dollars so is a good option for those on a more reasonable budget; however, there are many more machines from Lobster that are much more expensive and durable if the player needs something more heavy duty.

The Lobster Phenom is a much bigger tennis ball machine and costs just under 3,000 dollars. This is a more elite machine than the Lobster Elite Freedom. Random oscillation provides a true sense of playing against another person in that it gives you different looks. Players will never know from which direction it comes as the balls are shot out at a different speed, angle and towards a different part of the court. This is as close to playing another person as you can get. It’s thrilling, challenging and the best way to go for serious players.return-in-tennis-front

There are six pre-programmed drills, triple oscillation, random feed, and a 20 function remote that let you decide how the machine goes about shooting you balls. The ball capacity is much greater than the Elite Freedom, up to 250 balls and the frequency of delivery is 2-9 and totally random. This machine is also larger than the Elite Freedom and weighs in at a hefty 99 pounds. It is more difficult to move around but too much. This is for the more serious player and one with more disposable income.

return-in-tennis-imageWhat about others on a budget and don’t want one from Lobster? There are other choices, including the Match Mate Rookie by Match Mate. This tennis ball machine is a more traditional looking machine, being a rectangular shaped metal box, unlike the Lobster machines, which are irregularly shaped. Made of aluminum and costing under 450 dollars, it is lighter, weighing only 22 pounds, and has a 5 hour battery life. One ad claims the players will wear out before the machine does! This is probably true. You can adjust the direction of the ball’s trajectory, the speed and the direction of the balls.

The top speed for the Match Mate is 30 mph and the distance traveled is 50 feet so keep in mind this is for beginners to the sport of tennis.

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