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The Best College Tennis Programs

If your child is of the age and interested in further pursuing their tennis dreams on a bigger stage, you must research which collegiate programs are the best for them.  There are many options so take your time to figure out which one is best for your child’s needs, from both a financial and curriculum based standpoint.  Unless they get a scholarship for college to play tennis, some of these schools can be cost prohibitive.

college-tennisFor both men and women, there are three schools that consistently rank high every year in their tennis programs.  There are many others of course but we shall focus on these for now; keepin mind your child needs to have a solid background in laying tennis before considering these following schools.

The University of Florida boasts one of the best programs out there, for both men and women.  Since 1992, the women’s program has won an impressive six NCAA titles, including two back to back in 2011 and 2012.  This is an outstanding program for woman on the national stage.  This past November, 2013, saw favorable results for both the singles and doubles teams from UF in claiming championships at the prestigious Dick Vitale Intercollegiate Clay Court Classic.

Men from UF have won some impressive titles as well, including two individual titles and one doubles title at the NCAAs.  And at the same Dick Vitale tournament as the girls, the boys enjoyed some victories as well.  Two seniors won the doubles title.  The men have becomes a force to be respected on the national scene.

Baylor University has been chosen to host the 2015 NCAA Tennis Championships.  This is a very sought after even to host and it is only given to a top program.  The top 16 teams in the country, once they make it through their regional tournaments along the way, will face off at Baylor’s beautiful Hurd Tennis Center, located in Central Texas.

At the ongoing STA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate Championships, Baylor’s men have been acquitting themselves well thus far and look to increase their solid showings.  This is a top of the line tennis organization that will increase their national recognition once the NCAA tournament rolls through, perhaps even with men and women from Baylor representing the school.  They won the NCAA team championship in 2004 and have won Big 12 title nine times.

The women have had success as well.  In 2010 the women were ranked the #2 college tennis team in the nation.  This past season they were ranked #3 but the Bears saw their BCS title hopes dashed by a loss against Oklahoma State.  Never fear, this program is still one of the best ever.

Another school that you may want to send your child off to is the University of California Los Angels.  UCLA is known for having a consistently good tennis program.  One year, 2010, both the men’s and women’s programs were ranked in the Top Ten in the nation, 9th and 7th respectively.  The women’s team had won its first NCAA title two years prior and the men’s has won a ridiculous 16 NCAA championships!  Wow.  This is a school that knows tennis.  The women have also won eight singles and doubles championships in addition to their team title from 2008.

UCLA Alumni include some top notch professional players like Jimmy Connors and Arthur Ashe.  UCLA knows how to produce tennis champions over and over again.  This is one of the premiere places to send a child to play tennis so make sure they have what it takes before even considering UCLA.  It is very competitive.

If your child is pushing the limit on their competitive boundaries then perhaps some of these schools are the right choice to make when considering which location for higher education they will attend.  Make sure the school fits your budget and their particular interests in academics as well.

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