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The Best Way to Practice

Tennis_practice_wall_at_Central_Park_in_LeetonEveryone has heard the old joke, how do you get to Carnegie Hall?  Practice, practice, practice….

And the same can be said for any pursuit that requires discipline.  If you want to be good at something, you must put the time in and make it a daily habit, something you do over and over again everyday.  Or at least on a regular basis, because this is the only way to get better.

Especially when you start something new, like tennis, it is good to begin at the beginning and learn the basics first.  Once you have a general understanding about the fundamentals of the sport, you can build from there and begin to get a clearer understanding about how to grow in experience.  Really the only way to do this is by actually practicing the movements associated with the game.

So physical repetition is key.  You do this by getting on the court and swinging your racket.  There are plenty of resources out there that can provide a way for you to learn the sport, including this website.  You can also work with a coach, a more experienced partner and join a tennis club.  You could also buy a tennis book or magazine that goes through the basics and learn from that.  One of the most enjoying ways to learn tennis is to watch events, either online, on TV, or in person.  You will also get the added benefit of being invested within the environment of tennis playing and there is nothing more motivating than watching people play and seeing their success right in front of your eyes.

Practicing with a partner can also reap huge benefits, especially one that is superior in ability so find someone that is better than you are.  Learn from them as much as possible, use their superior play as both a model for your own performance and inspiration.

There are some simple things you might need before getting started and they include a multitude of balls if possible, a court and net to play on, a pitching machine if you don’t have a partner, some good shoes, good fitting workout clothes and a healthy determination.

If you can’t find the proper court to play on, if joining a tennis club is too expensive for example or if there simply is not a court within a reasonable distance, there are alternatives to getting better at tennis.  You can practice by yourself with any wall you can find, as long as it is solid and straight.  You only need a ball and  a racket!  You could practice by swatting a rubber ball against your wall inside your house or apartment if need be, it still helps you become a better player because you will develop the skills you need.

Playing tennis well requires great eye to hand coordination, stamina, speed and skill.  All of these attributes take time to grow and improve.  And you will only improve if you keep at it.  So sticking with something, even when it is hard, is key to developing a strong game of tennis.

It starts with you and your mindset.  Having a healthy body is important.  You must have the necessary physical attributes to be a good tennis player.  But having a healthy mind is also important, if not more so.  Attitude is everything.  By having a winning attitude, even before you begin, you can help to launch yourself into a winning game on the court.

Think about what you want to accomplish before you begin practicing.  Many weight lifters do this before a big lift.  They visualize what they are going to do before the do it and when it is time to get down to business they are better prepared because they have already done it in their minds.  The same can be for you on the tennis court.  Think about the steps it must take to get better and you will be.

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