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Tips for Tennis Beginners

Tennis is a popular sport, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to pick up—especially if you are new to tennis or haven’t played in years! Tennis can be a great way to get exercise while having fun, an excellent way to channel your competitive spirit, and simply a good time. If you are still a tennis beginner or are just starting out, considering the following essential tennis beginner tips.

Tip #1: Choose the right racket for yourtennisbeg

All tennis rackets were not created equally. The type of racket you choose will largely depend on why you are playing (or who you will play with) as well as your skill level. If you are playing tennis for fun or not in any professional competitive capacity (including amateur leagues) then you can usually choose a lower quality racket that may be larger than professional regulations. A larger racket is often easier for beginners to use while they get the hang of the game. If you will be playing competitively, you may want to ask for assistance from a shop owner for choosing a racket that is both appropriate for beginners but acceptable in competitive play.

Tip #2: Don’t forget to warm-up!

Before you play any game of tennis—yes, even just for fun!—make sure you warm up your body by doing stretches and some light cardio (such as jogging) to get your heart pumping and your muscles ready for play. You should also cool down after games by, again, stretching and doing light jogging to get your body calmed down from the high energy play.

tennis-crowd Tip #3: Drink lots of water

Tennis can be a very high-energy sport, which means you will be getting a lot of exercise during your game. It’s important to stay hydrated through ought the game, so don’t forget to bring water to refresh yourself every so often. You can also bring a small snack—such as a piece of fruit, like a banana—to keep your energy level up during play.

tennis-player-exhaustedTip #4: Increase your stamina

Tennis is a sport that really does require a lot of stamina and endurance to keep going—many beginners have to take breaks after a game or two to recuperate because they aren’t used to keeping up such a high level of energy. If you want to increase your stamina, practice playing more—and playing other sports!



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