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Who is Serena Williams?

Serena Williams

Who is Serena Williams?

Arguably one of the most talented sisters in professional sports, Serena Williams, the younger half of the Williams sisters is shining as one of tennis brightest stars. One would definitely need no introduction about who is Serena Williams when it comes to tennis. Born 26 September 1981 in Michigan, Serena started playing tennis at a tender age of three. Their father wished that they could excel in the sport so as to escape from poverty. She was at the top of the amateur ranks lists throughout her childhood and became pro at a young age of fourteen.

Together with her sister, Venus, the Williams sisters have stunned the world with their strong returns and fast tennis serves. When placed together, they were formidable in terms of teamwork and skills. They enjoyed a run of high profile victories. Serena Williams has won an amazing seven Grand Slam singles titles. Unfortunately, her ranking fell to 95 when she sustain injuries for 2006 season. Since then, Serena was determined to get back to the number one spot. She was placed on probation and fined in 2009 for allegedly threatening a lineswoman. She moved past the incident quickly. In Wimbleton 2012, she beat Agnieszka Radwanska and claimed her fifth Wimbleton singles title. She had a good run at 2012 Summer Olympics where she won two gold medals. She then proceeded to win her second French Open title in June 2013 against strong opponent and defending champion Maria Sharapova. Recently, she also picked up another U.S Open title in September this year.

Apart from tennis, Serena Wiliams has also been known to make fashion statements with her colorful and flashy outfits on the tennis courts. She has her own fashion line, Aneres which is her name spelled backwards. She has done cameos in modeling and acting work, appearing in television shows like The Simpsons and My Wife and Kids.

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